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Fear No One: Learn How to Fight For Real In The Street
The title says it all: Destroy Any Thug With Brutally Fast No B.S. Fighting Techniques
Learn How To Fight For Real With The Tactics of Hardened Street-fighters. Click here for No B.S. Self Defense
Learn Self Defense That Will Protect You And Your Loved Ones

"At last - a genuine 'keep it simple' but effective self defense book with an absolute emphasis on street rules.
Written by a credible author with a unique mix of hard earned life skills and academic qualifications, this ebook is the complete package.  With a focus on how to avoid or dominate numerous confrontational situations, this is a value for money purchase.  If you know what you are looking for in self defense, you will know you have found it. This ebook is a keeper which I will refer to often."

---Paul Spang
Liquor Liscensing Officer.
"Highly recommended! I've read a lot of self defense books on the market today, but none that I have seen come close to the quality and amount of techniques as this book offers! It's like an encyclopedia of self defense! If you're looking for a comprehensive book in self defense, this is it! Easily worth twice the price!"

---Adam Witbrock
Thai Boxer/Security Manager
"This Self Defense E-book does not stop at being a collection of effective, easy to understand techniques that are easy to put into practice. It also offers you a comprehensive look into your own and the assailant's mind-set and what you can do to stop becoming a potential victim through verbal and body language. As well as great depth on reading a person to avoid and deal with confrontational situations.
A great tool, rich in information for the experienced and beginner alike."

---James Minson
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